Post-Nuclear Holocaust Movies and the Academic Job Market

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6 Responses

  1. The correct reply is that the question is moot: there is no third Mad Max Movie. The franchise ended after Road Warrior, and any subsequent film claiming to extend the story should not be taken seriously. :)

  2. tim zinnecker says:

    Sometimes in my secured transactions class one or more students will express pro-debtor sentiments during our discussion of the default remedies available to the secured creditor. I usually respond with pro-creditor thoughts, often invoking the “break the deal, face the wheel” line from the movie.

  3. Eric Goldman says:

    Maybe the non-offering school thought: “We don’t need another…law professor.” See't_Need_Another_Hero

  4. Isn’t “bust a deal, face the wheel” the rule only in Bartertown?

  5. Bruce Boyden says:

    Now there’s an idea for the hiring process:

    Two profs enter. One prof leaves.

  6. Kaimi says:

    From your title, Nate, I thought you were going to compare the meat market to a post-nuclear holocaust.

    And I was nodding, yes, that sounds right, continue . . .