NYC Subway Searches

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51 Responses

  1. Jackie says:

    Harlan said if there’s (say) a 10% chance of getting caught (and arrested, and interrogated), would that discourage someone from actually using that methodology for killing lots of people, rather than some other methodology?

    Paul said It’s true that in order to “scare” terrorists you don’t have to perform real searches, you just have to make people think that you’re performing real searches. You could have fake dogs, as you suggest, or even have the NYPD search some actors who (unbeknownst to the general public) are in league with the NYPD and have secretly given their consent to be searched.

    The key to terrorism is to terrorize, and these are suicide bombers. In rush hour, with enough people lined up to have their bags searched, I doubt whether a suicide bomber would think he’d have to actually get on a train before setting himself to blow.

    These searches aren’t the answer, and sadly, by the time most Americans get around to realizing it, our lost liberties will have become settle law.

    America is over. We can’t even get paper receipts on our voting machines.