Colbert Takes on Wikipedia

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4 Responses

  1. Deven Desai says:

    So where is the Wikipedia entry for Concurring Opinions?

  2. Jim Bim says:

    I think plenty of Wikipedians thought it was funny and welcomed the publicity. I enjoyed the joke also although I generally worry about vandalism becoming a serious problem in the future. It’s understandable if some folks were chapped at the hassle of dealing with all the incoming vandals.

  3. Jim Bim says:

    Also, I don’t know if he was making fun of Wikipedia so much as our leaders who have similar attitudes as his on-air persona — that you can create your own truth.

  4. prof. solove -- you should post more often says:

    wikipedia is the greatest thing since floormats or garbage disposals. those that stress its occassional unreliability are simply being snobs–like this one girl who claims to be #1 in her law school class (at a top 20 school) and said that she was “appalled” once when i sent her some information via a wikipedia link.

    i was “appalled” at her snobbiness.