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  1. “But there’s no better way really to understand the camps than to visit them, especially (if possible) with people who were warehoused there on account of nothing more than their ancestry.”

    I think most of us would agree that doing something nefarious to someone else on account of their ancestry is not a good thing but if we don’t, don’t we run the risk of agreeing with Ronald Reagan?

    From a Thomas Sowell 2003 column:

    “It has been said that, when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, someone told him that admitting students to the University of California on individual performance alone could mean that all the students at Berkeley might be Asian Americans.

    “So what?” was the Gipper’s response.”

    He later noted:

    “A classic example is a recent New York Times story that said: “Asians gain when affirmative action ends. Other minorities don’t. What’s fair?”

    What is a well-meaning liberal to do?