Mary Cheney

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5 Responses

  1. wait a minute – Mary Cheney is a lesbian? Has anyone else ever mentioned this?

  2. Kate Litvak says:

    When was the last time you bought a book by a high-level Republican (or a close family member thereof)?

  3. “One explanation for the poor sales figures is that Republicans don’t want to read about lesbians in their ranks. And vice-versa.”

    Can you think of any others? Do you think this explanation is the most plausible? I’m curious.

  4. Johntastic says:

    So, Mr. Mazzone can’t make a valid observation because he didn’t buy the book (or others of its kind)? I guess no diehard Democrat political scientist or historian can make any empirical or factual claims about any Presidental election in which a Republican won.

  5. Jason Mazzone says:


    I guess if you’re going to buy a book by somebody who is unnotable except for being the VP’s daughter, you are looking for lots of inside information about the VP. Mary Cheney was obviously not going to provide that given her close relationship with her father. Whenever I heard her being interviewed in connection with the book’s promotion, she talked for a very long time without actually saying anything. And when pressed on her father’s views on things she said she would only speak for herself. So I guess lots of people who are otherwise avid readers of political biographies and memoirs figured there wasn’t much point in this case shelling out the $25.