“Juicy” Weather?

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5 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Greetings fellow ex-upstater! I take it you’re from near Albany. I grew up in Rouses Point — try getting more “upstate” than that!

    As for conversation, I suggest asking how the ark is coming.

  2. John Armstrong says:

    I just made the drive from DC up to New Haven for a bit of end-of-month business. Actual exchange with a friend in Falls Church on my arrival.

    Me: godD*** it’s humid up in here.

    Him: It’s humid here too.

    Him: But in liquid form.

  3. Elizabeth Nowicki says:

    Outstanding comments, both.

    Bruce, you get the “upstate” award. I’m from Albany, though I will be in Ithaca next year.

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  5. Bruce Boyden says:

    Rugby spam? That’s a new one.