Death In Alabama: The Problem Of Indigent Defense

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  1. UA Law Student says:

    First, I must admit that I consider myself a conservative Republican but am also very much anti-death penalty. There are many reasons why the death penalty should be stopped in Alabama such as racial and social inadequacies in the system. However, one reason that I often think is overlooked involved the economics of the death penalty. Though I do not have the statistics present, it is far far more expensive to execute someone than life imprisonment. The state of Alabama would save millions of dollars a year if there wasn’t a death penalty. Sure there might be some deterrent element to the death penalty but I can’t imagine that the millions saved couldn’t be used for education or police officers and more effectively deter crime.

    On a different note, Alabama AG Troy King’s comments to the ABA’s findings are embarassing and ridiculous: “The ABA is a liberal, activist organization with an agenda they constantly push,” King said. I will be voting for Riley for Governor, Drayton Nabers for Chief Justice, but Troy King will never ever get my vote (unless Larry Darby, the white supremacist, had actually beaten John Tyson in the Democratic primary).