The Yale Law Journal’s Call for Debate

yale-law-journal.bmpI got an email from an editor of the Yale Law Journal asking that I announce a new project in which two authors engage in a debate. From the email:

I am writing on behalf of The Yale Law Journal to tell you about a call for submissions that we think will interest you and the readers of your blog at

The Journal seeks to publish two Articles engaged in a dialogue on a single compelling legal topic. Selected Articles will be published in the same issue in the spring of 2007.

We encourage scholars to submit pieces in development rather than completed pieces ready for submission and publication so that the pieces that will evolve in response to each other. Interested authors should seek out a colleague in their field with a differing viewpoint who will join them in this project.

There is no subject matter limitation for submissions, but the topic should be both contentious and suitable to thorough and engaging discussion.

Each submission should include a partially developed paper of at least 5000 words and the author’s curriculum vitae. The interlocutor should include a prospectus of at least 1200 words, as well as a curriculum vitae.

Submissions are due August 1. More details are here.

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