The Harvard Bloggership Conference Continues

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  1. Roger Alford says:

    You should also include in this list Ann Althouse’s post and podcast on the subject of mixed blogging. She openly argues that her blogging is art, not law.

    My general approach is to let a million flowers bloom when it comes to law professor blogging. But that does not mean that every blog by a law professor is a law blog (or an art blog). When I did my Opinio Juris summary of the most popular law blogs, I was faced with the very difficult and controversial issue of defining a law blog. Everyone seems to agree that the wildly popular blogs Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt are not law blogs. Thus, we recognize that there is a line somewhere. But what about other mixed bloggers? Ian Best had similar struggles in his 3L Epiphany taxonomy of law blogs that he discusses here on “taxonomy omissions.” My leaning was and is to argue that any blog that does not have a majority of posts about law is not a law blog. That’s why I excluded Ann Althouse and a few other blogs in my list, but included in the list other mixed bloggers who seem to have a majority of posts that are law related. I would love for there to be a general consensus about what constitutes a law blog, but right now there isn’t. If mixed bloggers who primarily focus on topics other than law resisted the temptation to be called a law blog, the problem would solve itself.