Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before…

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5 Responses

  1. Miriam Cherry says:

    Ah, the irony! My thoughts on preemption have been preempted…

  2. Eric Goldman says:

    So, the key recursive Q for you, Miriam–what research did you do before posting on researching posts?

    Also, was your title an allusion to the Smiths’ song of the same name ['VE-HEARD-THIS-ONE-BEFORE-lyrics-The-Smiths/D3DFC878B31C5E56482568AB002A0F0D ], or am I dating myself?


  3. Miriam Cherry says:

    The serious answer: I put the words “scholarship preemption” into google blogsearch. Although it turned up a book by Alan Deshowitz, and many things about states vis-a-vis the feds, I did not find your post (sorry!) I’ve now been following legal blogs for about a year, and just hadn’t seen this discussion.

    Maybe that illustrates the point that both of us were trying to make. It’s not the easiest to find things. I’m not even sure, other than what I did, how to go about doing it. Or how much time it would take. Maybe comments and self-correction are the checks on this. Seems to have worked here.

    And, yes, the title was a play on The Smith’s song. (Morrisey has a new album out, but I haven’t yet bought it).

  4. Ryan Walters says:

    You might also try Sphere, another blog search engine.