Pro-Life Tax Policy – What Would Jesus Tax?

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2 Responses

  1. anon says:

    That’s a losing strategy… The religious right in Alabama is more interested in preaching intolerance than in trying to change the terms of the debate (about tax or about anything else).

  2. David Giesen says:

    A radical, Judaeo-Christian perspective on taxes can be gotten, I believe, by revisiting first principles. Experience the entire material universe independent of humanity. Premise a Creator. Presume, then, Creation. Challenge private economic gain in mere ownership of Creation because privatized economic rent of Creation alienates the rest of humanity from an equal enjoyment, as community, from the economic blessings of the gift that is Creation. A scenario for resolving the puzzle of private use of Creation without alienating fellow humanity’s economic interest in the Gift of Creation is for community to collect the market rent of land (and other natural resources)as the terms of private tenure. David G