Best Of Birmingham. Food, That Is.

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8 Responses

  1. Chris Bell says:

    I recently moved from the deep south to NY for law school. I HATE the no-refill policy up here. It costs the restaurant about $0.15 – and they only give you these tiny make-shift wine glasses. (Your post didn’t mention that lost of Southern restaurants use the big 14-oz glasses and then give you free refills on top of that.)

    At a restaurant last month I had one refill of Coke. The bill came and it was $3.50/wine glass of Coke. I spent $7.00 on what amounted to one can of Coke. (Which works out to about 20 cans at the grocery store.)

  2. Miriam Cherry says:


    As another (former) Jewish Birmingham resident (that’s former Birmingham resident, not former Jewish person ;), I concur with many of your choices.

    Sweet tea is the nectar of the gods. Making it available with free refills? Life can’t get much better than that. (If you’re in the northeast, sad to say, but your best bet is snapple).

    I do have a few more nominations:

    Best bar – Blue Monkey.

    Best coffeeshop – O’Henry’s in downtown Homewood.

    Middle-Eastern food – Nabeel’s in downtown Homewood, Ali Baba in Hoover.

    BBQ – Jim & Nick’s.

  3. Thanks for the list of “bests”. I can’t wait to try some of these out as we are visiting the area soon.

  4. wheeler says:

    “Best Pizza – None.”

    You did not look hard enough. Number three is Dave’s in Homewood. Two is Rocky’s, downtown on Richard Arrington Blvd.

    Number one is Alfredo’s in the Festival Plaza Shopping Center on Crestwood Blvd. The owner is a real yankee, as was I at one time. Trust me, the pizza is as good as anything you’ll find in New York, or anywhere else.

  5. yclipse says:

    In Tampa, I saw the dark side of a Starbucks drive-through: cars lined up on a side street, waiting to turn left into the Starbuck lot, and the line snaking backwards onto a main thoroughfare, with one or two cars on the thoroughfare waiting to make a right turn.

  6. Barrie Limerick says:

    Edgar’s Bakery openly discriminates against gay employees. Do not recommend this homophobic bakery.

  7. foodenstein says:

    Chez Lulu has the best pizza in town hands down! The only downside is they only serve it at night. Also try Cosmo’s Pizza at 5 point South. La Reunion is now largely defunct but Continental Bakery serves a cup of java that’ll wake you and take you all the way till bedtime!

  8. hokeypokey301 says:

    It’s my first time in Birmingham, and I cannot believe there are JEWS here! Oy! ~~ and on Chanukah yet! I should live so. We were advised to try your favorite BBQ/Chain Restaurant this evening and while online, I Googled “Vulcan” and came across this page mentioning “Jim & Nick’s”! It is hands-down the BEST BBQ I’ve ever had, and our waiter was JEWISH. Can this get any better? Oh yeah, it could have been FREE! (Just kidding!) The overall experience — priceless!