A T-Rex Named Sue

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5 Responses

  1. Bruce says:

    Reminds me of one of my favorite Far Side cartoons: “I’m trying to pass the potatoes, Martha, but you know my forearms are just as useless as yours!”

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Hey Miriam!

    I always liked the Far Side where the dinosaurs are smoking cigarettes and the caption explains that this is REALLY why they went extinct!

    best, Ann

    p.s. some bad puns I avoided working into this comment up until now at least:

    fossil analysis

    tyrannosaurus wrecks

    Rule against Sue-pertuities

    dig it!

  3. Eh Nonymous says:

    bone-tired puns.

    Was smoking a reason for them to di?no!

    The puns – they are as painful to readers as taking a beating. Saur-us.

    Dolls and videogames are okay Christmas presents, but Tricera-tops.

    Plus I’m sure there’s an obscure pun available based on the capital of Albania and the Pteranadon.

  4. Miriam Cherry says:

    Haha! These are some good ones, I mean bad ones!

    Perhaps I can write a hornbook on the law of the triceratops…

    (p.s. hi back at you, Ann!)

  5. syafiqah says:

    hey….i hav a question here….pls ans me back…i need the answer by tommorow,25 jun 2006..how many years old did t-rex named sue alived?pls ans