The epicurean ecumenical

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4 Responses

  1. Cathy says:

    A joke I read in a Leo Rosten book:

    A gentile couple goes to a Jewish restaurant, where they are convinced to try matzo balls. Afterwards they say to the waiter, “That was wonderful! Tell us, what other part of the matzo do you people eat?”

  2. soccer dad says:

    Here’s my dirty secret …

    Last year I didn’t plan out my purchase of Kosher for Passover Diet Coke (for my wife) properly and we ran out during the intermediate days. And the stock in Baltimore was out.

    When we made our trip to the Washington Zoo we stopped at a Super Fresh that had something like 6 Diet Cokes left, so my wife bought them out and Passover was saved!

  3. scottage says:

    When I was a kid in Philadelphia, I volunteered with UAHC, and we had the idea to hold an interfaith Seder with other minority communities.

    At that point it hadn’t been done before, nowadays it’s a regular thing all over the country. But it was amazing how, after they would try something, the other groups would start to see that, hey, if the myths about Jewish food was wrong, and the myth about the Jewish person across the table from you was wrong, maybe their stereotypes were equally off.

    So yeah, I think food can go a long way towards bringing communities together. No doubt. And great post!

  4. KEN says: