How Many Judicial Decisions Cite to Blogs?

Blogging Quiz:

1. How many judicial decisions cite to blogs?

(A) 1-5

(B) 6-10

(C) 11-15

(D) 16-20

(E) 21-25

(F) 25+

2. Which blog has been cited the most?

(A) The Volokh Conspiracy

(B) Sentencing Law and Policy

(C) Concurring Opinions


(E) How Appealing

(F) Balkinization

Answers after the fold.

This quiz is based on Ian Best’s post over at 3L Epiphany, compiling a list of all of the cases. It’s worth checking out.

The answers:

1. (E) — 23 cases cite to blogs

2. (B) — Doug Berman’s Sentencing Law and Policy with 21 citations in 17 cases.

Actually, the answer to Question 2 should be (C) — Concurring Opinions. I did a search on Westlaw for all cases with the words “Concurring Opinions” and got 4280 results! So, take that Doug Berman!

Eugene Volokh has some reflections on Ian’s list over at the VC.

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