The Big Law School Shuffle and the US News Rankings

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5 Responses

  1. Luke says:

    I mostly agree with this, but I will add that the rankings issue of US News actually costs $10, which, while still cheap, is relatively expensive for a single magazine issue.

  2. mobius says:

    “We love to gripe about the US News rankings — and with good reason, for the rankings are stupid”

    Yet the legal community and law school RANK students… with an arbitrary forced curved of all things.

    It’s a stupid and hypocritical argument to say that rankings don’t mean anything and then use rankings for everything else.

  3. Anthony says:

    “Yet the legal community and law school RANK students.”

    Most law schools (at least top ones) don’t rank their students, or only release one or two general cutoff points (“Top 25% in Section Y is a 3.4X GPA” “The cutoff for summa cum laude this year was 3.8X”).

  4. Emily says:

    Too true that it’s bizarre to have so much emphasis placed on these rankings by the law school community. Perhaps people shouldn’t take them so seriously.

    On the other hand, GW moved up a point. Score!

  5. crazy idea says:

    why don’t law schools use mean LSAT, rather than median LSAT? wouldn’t mean LSAT be a more telling statistic?