Late Thoughts on the Barron/Roberts Debate

Dave Hoffman

Dave Hoffman is the Murray Shusterman Professor of Transactional and Business Law at Temple Law School. He specializes in law and psychology, contracts, and quantitative analysis of civil procedure. He currently teaches contracts, civil procedure, corporations, and law and economics.

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3 Responses

  1. “Finally, what about the claim of Justice Aharon Barak of the Israel Supreme Court that refusal to cite to secondary authority and other aids to interpretation results in more, and not less, discretion.”

    You mean the same Justice Aharon Barak once quoted as saying the judge

    “must sometime depart the confines of his legal system and channel into it fundamental values not yet found in it”

    That Justice Aharon Barak?

  2. anon says:

    A hundred years ago, the justices relied on academic work too, it’s just that the influence was less transparent.

    The justices depend on the lawyers appearing before the Court to marshal the relevant authorities. The practicing bar didn’t cite law review articles a hundred years ago because law reviews were brand new and sparsely populated at that time.

    That doesn’t mean that the legal academy was ignored. Professors produced treatises that were very influential. The justices didn’t just go out and find all those English and state cases Berring mentions. The lawyers appearing before the Court brought them to the Court’s attention. Those lawyers in turn found those authorities from the leading treatises of the day.

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