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3 Responses

  1. Belle Lettre says:

    First, thank you for the plug and the kind words, and second, can I quote you on that? “A particularly nice mix of academics and introspection”–I like that!

    I have a readership of 30 or so a day (I’m not exactly the female Glenn Reynolds) and am more nervous and insecure than Woody Allen is about external validation–and so it thrills me to no end to have a Co-Op professor read my blog and then plug it. I’m all aflutter!

    I’ve been worrying this week, 5 months before I start my LLM program, about how on earth I’ll get into the JSD part and who to beg to be my faculty advisor. I told you, I am Woody Allen. So thanks for a little something that brings me back to the present–the ever present demands of the blog!

    When I’m stumped, I start looking for law-related posts in popular culture, like analyzing the racial politics of Dancing With The Stars. Unfortunately, now that I’m not thinking about CRT as much anymore, I am wondering how to make federalism relevant to my non-law readers’ lives. Your area is criminal law–what fertile ground, you lucky prawf.

  2. Plainsman says:

    This case may be fairly consequential, but in a different way than Roberts suggests. As a public defender, I discovered that a surprising number of people call the police to manipulate friends, neighbors, and loved ones. To be sure, most 911 calls are legit. But sometimes a call to the police is simply punishment for someone else’s perceived misconduct. “You cheated on me? Fine. I’ll call the cops.”

    I had the same thought. I liked this decision too, and my politics, in most respects, are well to the right of Prof. Filler’s.

    That said, Roberts’s dissent was well done, and Scalia notably overmatched Stevens in their little jurisprudential exchange.

    Justice Breyer’s concurrence is the controlling opinion. It looks rather narrow, unfortunately. To what extent do you think Breyer left the door open for lower courts to develop exceptions to Randolph?

  3. Frank says:

    I just wanna say–I can totally empathize on the blog-block! BUt I think it may relate to challenges of the form. It’s surprisingly hard to compose a post sometime, because there’s such a tension between brevity and significance (and, I’m sure, all manner of formal values I’m too aesthetically unattuned to even notice).

    I hope to blog on that in a bit…and perhaps that’s the best cure for blog block–to meta-blog!