Free Cabs, Free Tuition, and the Power of Deregulation

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2 Responses

  1. NYU alum says:

    Of course, the NYU example is not entirely on point because the full-tuition scholarships have multiple other purposes. Their biggest purpose is to entice top prospects who might otherwise go to Harvard and Yale, and on this front I know anecdotally that they have succeeded quite well. NYU also has a number of full-tuition scholarships reserved for students committed to doing public interest work, and NYU must undersand that those students, if they follow through on their commitments, will be unlikely to turn into big-dollar donors. The purposes of the latter scholarships are altruistic, to enliven and diversify the student body, and I suppose the hope that some of those alums will go on to be important figures in the law and reflect well on their alma mater in that way.

    So the analysis can’t just look at the dollar return in alumni giving.

  2. Lokon says:

    I have always been interested in how offering free content could work profitably. Though I always applied this to works of art and the like using the creative commons liscence. These other models, are fascinating. I wonder if it will pay off for NYU.