ExpressO or ExpressNo?

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  1. Alfred L. Brophy says:


    Thoughtful post, as always–but I must ask, why won’t you know if your high-cost strategy of fed exing paid off? I would think that an empirically oriented prof like you would have asked the editors: “hey, did it matter to you that my article was sent via fed ex?” I have some vague memories (because I was on law review way back in the 1980s) that faculty would submit articles via fed ex. But what I recall happening was that some lowly 2L would ripe the packages open and then present them to the high and mighty (3Ls). So that one couldn’t determine whether the article came in via fed ex or 4th class. Perhaps the times have changed and journals are now looking to other signals of quality? Like the authors (or their schools) are flush.

    And as long as I’m thinking about empirical studies, perhaps this is some data someone ought to be collecting….