Dan Filler Signs on the Dotted Line

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Hoffman says:

    We should point out that Dan gets a share of the new endorsement contract we signed with Reebok, so long as he used Reebok brand anti-carpal tunnel wrist protection at all times.

  2. jd politely declines says:

    Welcome to the new author. Query to the whole group: no student bloggers?

  3. Stephen says:

    Agreed with JD. A student perspective might be cool and could some good dialogue going as fresh perspectives meet wise experience. I, of course, nominate myself.

  4. jd politely declines says:

    thanks, Stephen. and is it also true: that in the nearly full year since the site has been up, only one female has contributed as either an author or guest? *tsk*tsk*

  5. Dave Hoffman says:

    JD: the site has only been up since October ’05. As for the possibility of student bloggers, our current guest line up is set for the next few months, but you never know.