Playing the Illegal Alien Card

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3 Responses

  1. Brian Duffy says:

    Its a reaction to the Federal government’s refusal to enforce the law. Undocumented workers have been actively exploited by the meat packing & construction industries for years, and nobody gives a whit about it.

    Actually trying to account for the numbers of undocumented workers may eventually shame the Feds into action.

  2. Matt says:

    There are few things that make you feel less like you are living in a free country than having the police randomly stop you and ask to see your papers. (I know.) This is quite a bad idea. Somehow I doubt that there is any desire to keep undocumented workers from being exploited by the meat packing industry behind this sort of thing. The January 16th issue of the New Republic has quite a good article on similar issues in Arizona (where there might plausibly be worries about disorder and lawlessness, unlike Alabama.) The general conclusion is that many white folk are just nervous about having so many darkies around yammering away in that funny darky talk of theirs. It’s hard not to think that’s the case here, too.

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