Gonzales’s Tortured Logic on NSA Surveillance

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51 Responses

  1. Just thinkin says:

    If an organization or country or entity declares war on the U.S., and actually attacks the U.S., do we have to actually declare WAR for us to be at WAR? And do we have to actually declare WAR for the president to then have the “inherent” responsibility to protect Americans, when WAR was declared against us? If it is reasonable to assume the president has the “inherent” responsibility, then does he have to conduct himself with his hands tied behind his back, or can he assert that he does not? It maybe that he does not want FISA to be ammended because to continue to ammend and update or shape FISA to support what he wants to do, is to admit he does have his hands “tied”.

    If you listen to everything (calls) coming in, are you gathering information on a specific person? or just listening for keywords? If you are not gathering info on specific persons, has the law been violated?