Are Exploding Offers So Bad?

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2 Responses

  1. Etaoin Shrdlu says:

    I agree with Dan’s sense of the pragmatics here. Another variant, which I don’t think Mnookin mentions, is a “first come, first served” approach. For example, a school that wants to hire one new professor, and that finds more than one of the prospects suitable, can offer the job to all the prospects with the clear information that whoever accepts the job first gets it. (This seems, to me at least, to be less harsh than an offer that expires quickly on a date certain.)

  2. PrawfsBlawg says:

    Law teaching and exploding offers

    Jennifer Mnookin over at LawCulture has a great post concerning exploding offers on the teaching market. She writes:I get the feeling that exploding offers just might be increasing, and sometimes with deadlines that seem ever-earlier.Our readership inc…