Confessions of a Stack Rat

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3 Responses

  1. Asenath Ryder Waite says:


    Fear not. I, a lone Pa Law Librarian, will race you to the H.P. Lovecraft collection! It is in the basement of The Orne Library, for which I have the ONLY PASSKEY. My Miskatonic Library Card may be yellowed with age, but Dr. Armitage gave me permission to study the Necronomicon on my breaks.

    I pray you to teach Lovecraft amid the law this fall!! Make them read At the Mountains of Madness and The Shadow over Innsmouth and the Call of Cthulhu, and The Strange Case of Dexter Ward… It is the mix of old and new that makes the law library–and Lovecraft so very very special.

  2. Betsy McKenzie says:

    Be still my beating librarian’s heart! I only grieve that you are going off to Drexel. You deserve a librarian’s library! I’m not sure the undoubted charms of Lovecraft will adequately assuage your broken library-lover’s heart.

  3. Gordon Russell says:

    I am firmly convinced that libraries have never been about books but access to information. For over 500 years, since the the printing press, information has been stored in print and libraries have organized and provided access to that information.

    Today we are struggling with how to provide access to digital information. Librarians, are struggling with providing organizational structure and developing ways for the serendipity of browsing to be part of the digital world. I do find a serendipity in searching for a unique phrses or idea in the digital pages of The Making of the Modern Law or in a long forgotten law review article that comes up in a full text search on Hein Online.

    Those are also truly enlightening moments made possible by our new digital initiatives.

    We are seeing a huge transition with large quantities of print material being converted to digital and we are struggling to determine what is the right mix of print and digital in our academic law libraies. I believe that our challenge is to create a digital equivalent to Langdell’s eloquent description of the library as the heart of the law school

    We are also challenged to make the digital law collection available to all of our clientele in the same way that the our library stacks are available to all of our patrons.