Big Mac Attack on Clinical Legal Education

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    What is juicier than proof, proof, of a vast left wing conspiracy. MacDonald announces a couple of big non-news stories: law school faculties are generally liberal, and clinicians are even more so.

    That’s a non-sequitor if I’ve ever seen one. Something can be both “proof” of something and “non-news.” In your haste to “pick[] at MacDonald’s piece like so many baby back ribs,” you made a pretty embarassing thinking error yourself.

    Moreover, you noted that “As a hiring chair, I might have trouble finding business lawyers looking to leave their million dollar practices for jobs on the clinical tenure track…” Really? Have you look at the Institute for Justice’s entrepreneurial clinic? The clinic seems to be doing rather well at the University of Chicago.

  2. Buck Mulligan says:

    MacDonald is such a fool that they made fun of her on an interview on the Daily Show a year or so ago. She defended the arrest of a woman who was traveling on a cruise ship because she had previously failed to appear on a littering charge.

  3. Dan Filler says:

    Mike, I’m not sure whether my error was in thought or rhetoric, but I’m properly chastened. As for ease of staffing, I’d refer you to my other post today (location, location, location.) The University of Chicago – a great school in an amazing city – can nab business clinic faculty with these credentials. Many hiring chairs aren’t so lucky.