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  1. What kinds of issues do you have in mind where you believe the blog will be of assistance? Ones involving precedent and caselaw? Or ones involving factual and empirical matters? Or both? Can you provide an example of a specific case or issue where tapping into the wisdom of the blogosphere would have potentially assisted the Court?

  2. SCOTUSblog says:

    Blog Round-Up – Sunday, December 18th

    Here Concurring Opinions has a post proposing a new SCOTUSBlog – one operated by the court itself to generate input on the Court’s opinions before they are published. Here is Tony Mauro with an article about the Court’s annual “Christmas”…

  3. An Appeal For A Supreme Blog

    Blogger Jason Mazzone at Concurring Opinions thinks a blog at the Supreme Court just might improve the quality of court opinions. His proposal: “The Supreme Court should operate a blog to generate input on the court’s opinions before they are…

  4. K says:

    What do you think amicus briefs are for?

  5. Lusidvicel says:

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