Judge Moore and the Motion to Kiss My Ass

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9 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Justice Sandra Day O’Connor once told students at Stanford Law School how annoying she finds it to be woken up at night with an emergency application to stay an execution.

    No doubt. What an annoyance. Just let them die. I mean, when you balance a member of the power-elite’s full night’s sleep with someone’s life, well, it’s obvious that the motion shouldn’t be filed.

  2. Crime says:

    Just Kill Them Already!

    Jason Mazzone at Concurring Opinion reports: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor once told students at Stanford Law School how annoying she finds it to be woken up at night with an emergency application to stay an execution. I agree. I mean, Justice O’Conno…

  3. A Motion To Kiss My Ass

    Looks like we all dodged a bullet. Apparently, Matthew Washington, an inmate in Georgia, filed a motion to compel all Americans to kiss his ass. This post is a funny read over at Concurring Opinions:In the instant case, Plaintiff has

  4. Paul Gowder says:

    “Motion for Restoration of Sanity”

    I might have to file one of those someday. I also kinda like the motion to behoove an inquisition…

  5. Motion to Kiss My Ass

    Concurring Opinions digs up an interesting bit of trivia from 1996. Judge Moore gave the opinion that inmate Mathew Washington should not be allowed to file any motions in the court unless the motion was accompanied by a $1500 bond to ensure it was n…

  6. topaz says:

    The plaintiff Matthew Washington was playing the legal game for his own benefit. He damn well knew the odds were stacked against him, that the chances of winning his cases pro se was against him, so he resorted to that kind of behavior just to bust people’s chops. Call it legal guerilla warfare if you will. Under his circumstances, it had to be done. He wasn’t about to accept defeat and run away with his tail between his legs, and made the justice system suffer consequences. Good for him.

  7. Our judiciary not well checked or too constrained by law? says:

    I spent nearly 13 years as a court clerk until I finally decompensated. These men and women lack interest, and often curiosity, when it comes to fundamentals such as your life and liberty. Usually their arrogance is boundless and that colors many of their rulings when their perception of themselves as supremely powerful (and they nearly are) influences their findings. In other words, it’s about the judge, not you or your life, livelihood, family, or liberty. If you are poor, black, disabled or any other kind of “pain in the ass” litigant (especially litigants with no representation- as most families cannot afford attorneys- and on a waiver of shockingly absurd court costs most cannot afford), you will find yourself treated by the court no differently than courts treated the disadvantaged in society two centuries ago. Most memorable judge quote: Courts don’t establish justice, we just enforce the law,” as he rendered his judgment, which became law. Justice would seem to be in the eye of the usual prevailing parties, and years of legal training little more than refinement of rationalization. Almost like sociopathy.

  8. Oldman says:

    What a patriotic hero Washington was… May the lord bless him, and may America one day be forced to kiss his old, hairy ass! If only President Clinton did intervene as his defendant, would such a hero get what he so wanted… His final last words in a heroic burst of anger, crying for the greatness of American freedom and heroism, “all Americans at large and one corrupt Judge Smith to kiss my got damn ass sorry mother fucker you” will forever be noted, as a heroic plea, to the heavens… RIP, great hero of our nation…

  9. Brennan Barrington says:

    This is why we should not put so many people in prison. They end up with a hatred of the justice system and too much time on their hands, leading to this kind of thing.