Group Polarization and Internet Shaming

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2 Responses

  1. I think there’s an important different between PriceRite Camera and dog-poop girl. In the case of a store whose bad policies cause an uproar, well, you wrote the policies. In the case where your employee goes over the line, well, you hired the employee. Odds are good you background checked them, made them pee in a jar, and go through all sorts of other indignities. And odds are good you have policies to control their behavior. If threatening a customer is a violation of those policies, then PRC could have fired the employee. If its not, then it ought to be. And announcing that the employee had been fired would (probably) close the firestorm.

    But what about Sony? Has the internet community gone too far there?

    I believe that the corporate vs personal nature changes what’s an appropriate response.