Curtailing Anonymity at Wikipedia

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3 Responses

  1. Wiki Thyself

    In a recent incident on Wikipedia, Adam Curry, a former MTV VJ, was accused of editing an entry on Wikipedia on podcasting to enhance his role in the origins of podcasting. According to a CNET article: Essentially, Curry is accused…

  2. Simon says:

    I actually think the whole thing is, if not solved, then at least ameliorated by encouraging all editors to use their own name. I apply much the same thing to the blogosphere: there is a distinct first tier of blogs wherein people blog under their own names. More people should do so, and not only because anomynity tends to decrease a sense of personal responsibility and foster nastiness. Rather, my argument is: if you don’t believe strongly enough in what you say to put your name ot it, why should I believe it?

    Wikipedia is pretty good at fixing mistakes and vandalism. I have a few pages I watch over (see Wikipedia User profile), and either actively maintain or at least keep an eye out for vandalism on, and the sheer volume of interested users tends to remove vandalism pretty quickly. Wikipedia is a long way from achieveing a sheen of respectability, but it is a highly effective “way in” to a topic. Now if only they’d sort out their dang database server!

  3. al says:

    I agree with Simon, the author giving his name should improve accountability. But my question is more mundane. Hasn’t Seigenthaler “protested too much”? From what I gather, the original article stated that Seigenthaler was considered a possible assasin “for a brief time”. From the reports I’ve read, it was implied that the article says “he was an assassin” this implication by Seigenthaler himself as recent today on C-SPAN. I’m just wondering if anyone at anythime thought he could be the assassin, if so, that claim would be correct, i.e. that he was thought to be an assassin of both John and Bobby Kennedy. Whether or not he lived in Russia for a decade I cannot tell, but he and the vast majority of articles on the web I’ve seen state the original Wiki posting stated he was an assassin and the evidence I’ve seen simply does not bare this out.