Adultery and Polygamy

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2 Responses

  1. Jeremy Suttenberg says:

    Interesting post. As for the EU connection, from The Economist’s analysis it appears that Turkey is not trying to “Islamicize” Turkish law but rather reinforce Ataturk’s secular legacy. If that is correct, than Brussels is left with the difficult choice of either accepting a non-European method (aldutery laws) for correcting a holdover from the Caliphate or rejecting the adultery laws with the potential consequence of retaining polygamy in the Turkish countryside.

    I personally think this issue is symbolic of the larger divide between parts of the Turkish rural community that haven’t fully incorporated the Kemalist ideology and those who embrace Kemal and wish to see his dream of a “Western” Turkey fulfilled. And I think that divide will become more evident as the EU works through Turkey’s membership bid.

  2. Monika Yost says:

    So let me ask you, what are the current laws regarding “adultery”. Let’s say a man wants to get a divorce but the wife does not agree. He then “marries” a woman in a religious ceremony and lives with his “second wife”. What would be the penalties if any?