A Secret Defense Department Database of Protesters

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4 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    When did “not revealed during routine press conferences” become a synonym for “secret”? I also liked being informed that the $33 million in database contracts had been parceled out to various “corporate giants.” All right-thinking Americans know they should have been given to mom and pop software houses enrolled in some sort of welfare to work scheme.

  2. Paul Gowder says:

    Oh, of course, Dylan. That evil MSM has such a liberal bias. If we were running things and the Pentagon kept files on you, why, NBC would be cheering!

  3. Marc says:

    There is a simple reason why the Pentagon keeps protesters on file. The Pentagon is resposible for the protection and safety of military property, installations and personnel. The reason why the Pentagon keeps protesters on file is because these groups have been known to assault US military personnel. An example is Western Washington University; a group of activists attacked two army recruiters at a job fair. The activists were not merely protesting, they were throwing rocks and stones at the military personnel and a couple actually grabbed and trying to tear off their uniforms. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated occurrence. I’ve had friends run off the road and violence threatened upon them. The Pentagon wants to know what US military personnel are walking into when they enter certain cities so they can avoid being assaulted. They have the right and the obligation to protect US troops from such individuals and to that end they have a right and obligation to know what groups are or may be violent.

  4. I have put together a site with html conversions of various pdf documents related to the Warrantless NSA Wiretapping and Domestic Surveillance Issue. It is at http://thewall.civiblog.org/rsf/house_nsabrief_docs_012006.html .

    On this site You will find an article I wrote, called “Big Brother Is Watching You.” As part of this article, I have converted the pdf of the TALONS “spreadsheet” the 902nd MI Group used, as released by MSNBC. I converted each image to png files, so they are small. Both Positive and Negative Images of each pdf page are there.

    This article also includes 4 MSNBC reports, a September 2005 OMBWatch Report, Congressman Wexler’s reaction, and Shane Harris’ February 23, 2006 National Journal Report “TIA Lives On” reprinted in it’s entirety (with permission).

    The url for “Big Brother Is Watching You” is:


    You can also search Findlaw directly from there.

    I hope You find this useful.