Who’s Your Daddy?

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3 Responses

  1. crum says:

    Academic nepotism is broader than Mazzone’s posting suggests. The academy’s tendency to hire only those who share the incumbents’ orthodoxy is well-known, as is the use of paper credentials as a substitute for critical analysis of a candidate’s work, character, ambitions, energy, and willingness to give to students. These things may not be nepotism, strictly speaking, but they certainly undermine the supposed culture of merit.

  2. Ethan Leib says:

    I’ve heard of many cases where same-sex couples get just the same special treatment; it may be less common but then so are same-sex couples.

  3. anon says:

    I know of only one same-sex couple that is even teaching at the same law school (Iowa). There may be a few more same-sex couples teaching at the same law school, but are there really “many cases” in which a law school has hired the (perhaps second-rate) same-sex partner of a much-sought-after hire?

    For that matter, are there really many gay faculty members? Perhaps two or three at most law schools…

    (I have certainly heard of many cases where a law school helps a new faculty member’s same-sex partner find appropriate employment in the area. But certainly helping a professor’s family get situated in the area isn’t the kind of thing Jason is suggesting we should be concerned about.)