When Alito Is Unbound: On Mining Judge Alito’s Judicial Record

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3 Responses

  1. Dave! says:

    Good question… I’m no historian, but are there examples of any judges being appointed to the court and becoming more conservative? We hear about the “liberal traitors” all the time. Anyone get appointed from the left or center only to move more to the right?

  2. Matthew Dowd says:

    Maybe Byron White? He is sometimes referred to as conservative. For example, he dissented in Roe and Miranda, and he was appointed by JFK. Then again, it depends on what you mean by conservative (socially or original meaning).

  3. Plainsman says:

    Hugo Black is perhaps another example. Black, the original arch-New Dealer, eventually arrived at a distinctive, and impressive, brand of liberal textualism that led him to dissent from many of the Warren Court’s decisions in the 1960s.

    Black is my favorite liberal Justice, and I believe Frank Easterbrook recently claimed Black as one of his favorite judges of the 20th century.