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4 Responses

  1. Aaron Wright says:

    I made a similar comment on September 30, 2005 about the advantages of a Wiki Law Journal.

  2. Brainwidth says:

    What, no wiki?

    Congress abandons WikiConstitution. Kaimipono has some snide comments regarding wikis, as well. The primary obstacle to legal academia adopting wikis, I think, is the massive ego of the law professor….

  3. Clint Morse says:

    For the Fall 2008 Wake Forest Law Review my friend and I are going to test whether a wiki law journal is feasible. We are going to set up a wiki site for all to post on next week, and we are currently drumming up interest in the internet and legal community. If anyone is interested in heading one of the articles please email me.

    Clint Morse

  4. Everything wiki is important. It adds to the body of intelligent wisdom. Of course, for academians, such an approach is suspicious, but I think it’s a very good idea.