What Should Democrats Do Regarding Harriet Miers?

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4 Responses

  1. Nate Oman says:

    Good for you!

  2. Alan says:

    I concur with Nate. Good for you. I also have these thoughts. But this comes down to a question of being a principled lawyer. I may not agree with all of say, Justice Scalia’s opinions, but I’m glad he’s on the Court. The Court is at its best when it is full of intellectuals, whatever their stripe.

  3. Paul Deignan says:

    Don’t think in terms of ideology, think of this as a game of power. The Dems have lost the ideology game a long time ago, but they can still transform and win the “good government” game. In any case, where will the ideologues go? Not to the right. Even in 2004 all but a very few of the Naderites came back and pulled the lever for Kerry.

    Bush won because he was seen as more responsible in foreign policy than Kerry and because foreign policy was the deciding issue of the election. Second to that was the turn out Bush got from social conservatives (and he is about to lose that all for his entire party in this one instance).

    The dems win by winning. It doesn’t matter if Luttig is the next confirmed nominee, all they need to show their base is that they put up a good fight. Accept Miers and their base will never forgive them in time to win midterms. Miers appears to be a Bush crony and religious wingnut. Appearances are enough to win election.

    Presently, they are pursuing the proper course–keeping quiet but not too quite. At the judiciary committee hearing they will show their hand. If they are smart, that hand will be in a meatle gautlet with a velvet glove.

    Note to President: You need new advisors yesterday. Fire Card (incompetent) and Rove (tarnished), overhaul and start fresh. This time, allegro con molto spitito.

  4. Paul Deignan says:

    Ha typo–no don’t “spit at you”, spirito.

    (I think we have aready done spitito this past month).