The Music of the Law

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7 Responses

  1. Ben Barros says:

    When I was in practice, most of the time I wrote to classical or MC Solaar — since I don’t know French, I couldn’t be distracted by the words. But sometimes late at night I’d want something loud to power through a brief. One night I seriously freaked out a legal assistant by blasting Marilyn Manson at around 1 a.m. She opened the door to my office, looked horrified, and left. A few minutes later, the rest of the team arrived at my office and looked in cautiously. I assured them that I wasn’t killing small animals and they wandered off.

  2. Paul Gowder says:

    Research: random classical radio station

    Writing: jazz, funk, jazz-funk.

    Reviewing documents: the sound of my mortality marching toward me…

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  5. Isaac says:

    I used to be a no words when thinking kind of guy, but now I need a chalkboard to do mathematics (since it isn’t in my room, that precludes music) and any music at all while doing anything else (I’m rocking Kanye West as I type).

  6. Kaimi says:

    Dylan’s greatest hits is permanently linked in my mind with a particularly brutal stretch of document review for a big antitrust production. I must have listened to that CD a few dozen times over the course of several 20 hour days. I listened to other music as well, but for some reason Dylan was listened to a lot, and the mental association is probably permanent.

  7. Mike says:

    When I’m going through an area of law I know really well, it’s KJAZZ. When I’m dealing with a new area of law, and need to bang my head through tough concepts, it’s the Wu-Tang (esp. The Mystery of Chess Boxin’, which I’ll keep on repeat). Of course, “It’s All About the Benjamins” is also a good song to have on the cpu.