Making Universities Pay for Government Surveillance

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2 Responses

  1. tim says:

    The generalized position of opposing this “quasi-tax” is to me agreeable.

    However your closing statement (“saddling such a large financial burden on educational institutions at a time of rapidly rising education costs”) suggests your objection is really an agenda to exempt “Universities”, and begs questions such as; When were “educational institutions not at a time of rapidly rising education costs”? How much governmental subsidies do “educational institutions” beg for and receive? Is this also a time of rapidly rising education subsidies?

    Better to hold to the more general argument than to cite “educational institutions” who I dare say enjoy more political influence than the ISP industry!!!

  2. More on the Governmnent Bugging Every University

    Here is Dan Solove writing about the ridiculous cost of this surveillance program. And here is civil libertarian hero Dan Gilmore: The NYT covered this story, on the front page, too. But somehow it was all about “Colleges Protest Call…