Airport Screening Stories

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9 Responses

  1. Illuminati says:

    So any clue what the names of these people were? It would seem a more ‘foreign’ name would be targeted more than a name commonly used in the States for the last two centuries.

  2. Scipio says:

    I am surprised.

    No, wait, I’m not.

    It took the IRS over two years to catch my failure to report early-disbursed state retirement income. TWO YEARS for MONEY I OWED THE FEDS.

    This is the classic example of high marginal costs for unquantifiable benefits.

  3. Richard Hunter says:

    Bruce Schneier — who’s well-known in information security circles — said recently that persons on the no-fly list are examples of a new class of criminal: people who are too dangerous to be full participants in society, but too innocent to charge with a crime.

    In cases such as these low-level administrative procedure, supported by extensive (and secretive, hence irrefutable) data analysis, substitutes for due process. As availability of data increases and the price/performance ratio of computer processing power continues to improve, absent continuous monitoring and outcry by concerned citizens, such data-driven approaches to justice can be expected to proliferate. The same can be expected of many private sector activities, such as hiring and firing. After all, something very much like this happens every time you apply for credit.

    In other words, we can all expect a lot more of this stuff.

  4. Dan says:

    Thank you for submitting your comment Richard, the data mining bots successfully recognized that you [have dangerous information] are hallucinating.

    Another bot will automatically remove all information that you ever existed, and you will be brought to a [insane asylum] safe place to be [tortured] treated.

    Everyone else go about your business.

  5. Fast forward to 2010, we’re all on a no fly list. Travel through any airport with any airline and you get to answer lots of questions, be photographed, finger printed, and if you’re really lucky, go through a machine that shows a nice security guard what you look like naked ! Perhaps I’ll put myself on a no fly list.

  6. Frank F says:

    Just make all flights nude flights; NOBODY gets on a plane with cloths on!

    (Just be sure to book me on a flight with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!)